Ocean Yacht Insurance CoverageThe Christi Difference – Ocean Yachts Specialty Program Ocean Yachts are known for their unbeatable combination of performance, speed, power, luxury, styling and durability. Christi is known for their expertise, knowledge and attention to detail. We are a “perfect” match. We are proud to offer an exclusive Ocean Yacht insurance program that provides superior protection. Our familiarity with the hundreds of details that go into the construction of each Ocean will pay dividends in the event of a loss.

Our level of expertise and service cannot be equaled. Here is just one example of what we can and will do for you, our client: We recently had an Ocean Yacht client that suffered a significant engine failure.

  • "We worked closely with the engine repair company, surveyor and adjuster to not only assure the repairs were completed in a timely manner, but to also assure the loss would be covered by insurance. Mechanical engine failures are typically some of the most complicated claims to resolve. Having Christi as your advocate, as opposed to a “typical” insurance agent who has little or no knowledge of the technical aspects of your complex engines can make the difference between aggravation and substantial out of pocket expense on your behalf or complete satisfaction."

To read about other examples of our commitment to exceptional service, read our client testimonials.

Our New Jersey office is conveniently located 25 miles from the Ocean Yacht factory. We currently provide insurance coverage for many Ocean dealers, and for many of the boat yards and engine mechanics who service your yacht. Our relationships within the marine industry work for you!

As part of your Ocean Yachts Program, you’ll have access to our 24/7 claim service. This service includes direct live access to one of our in- house marine specialists.

Want more proof of our Ocean Yachts marine insurance expertise and commitment to service? Read about our unique relationship with Ocean Yachts:

  • “We’re very careful when it comes to building the highest level of quality into each Ocean, and we’re glad to be associated with the people at Christi who share our commitment to customer satisfaction. Christi understands this business very well, and they’ve been able to write policies for all of our boats at very competitive rates. Christi has been an excellent partner for Ocean Yachts.” – John Leek, President, Ocean Yachts

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