A Focus on Resolution


Let’s face it any reputable agent can place your coverage with a carrier. In fact, at time, most agents really function as “order takers” as opposed to a solution provider like The Christi Insurance Group. The insurance professionals on the Christi team take whatever time is necessary to understand your business (how you make money) and the risks and exposures involved. They then they go out into the marketplace to match you and your needs with the best carrier offering the most cost effective solution. Should an insurance claim arise, the Christi team is well equipped to stand right at your side to make sure the claim is handled properly and to your benefit. They will meet with the carrier as needed and explain or even defend your position to insure you are treated right! Our case studies will more than demonstrate the value Christi Difference provides its clients.

Orders takers (most other agents) have a very restricted view of the insurance world. You tell them what you want and then they go get it for you. When an insurance claim arises the best they can do is get you an “800” number to the carriers claims department. You deserve a heck of a lot more!

There is an old insurance expression that goes something like this “It doesn’t matter who your agent is until it really matters who your agent is”. An insurance claims situation really matters. It can be very disruptive to your business and cost you a great deal of money. Who do want by your side? An order taker or do you want a well trained professional solutions provider who has you as their #1 priority?

The Christi Difference – it’s the only right choice you can make.