Commercial Insurance Solutions

Tailored Commercial InsuranceWhile many insurance agencies offer themselves as competent in commercial insurance, none can compare to what The Christi Insurance Group offers consistently to its clients - commercial insurance solutions. The first thing that makes us unique and sets us apart from other agencies is our knowledge and expertise of how the commercial insurance marketplace works. It’s not as simple as some may have you believe. There are many factors that must be addressed for your program to be effective and protect the financial stability of your business. We know what all of these factors are and how to make them work for you in the most cost effective way. The last thing you want to find out at the time of a claim is that your commercial insurance coverage was improperly structured.  

The second area where we stand out is service excellence! Everybody will tell you that their service is great. We let our existing client’s experiences tell their service story for us. You be the judge: 

  • We recently had a contractor install a chimney incorrectly which resulted in soot damage.  This client was sued by the homeowner, who also happened to be the head of the homeowners association in a prominent gated community.  The claim was originally denied by the insurance company due to the standard “absolute pollution exclusion” typically found in general liability policies.  Due solely to our influence and relationship with management of the company, we were able to get 100 percent of the claim paid.
  • A client incurred an equipment failure, resulting in a $4,000,000 yacht being dropped on land.  While there was no issue with payment for the physical damage to the yacht, the owner sought reimbursement from diminution of value.  Loss of value is typically excluded in all types of policies.  Fortunately, we had provided this client with a policy that did not contain this exclusion.  However, an issue surfaced of whether maritime or state law applied.  If maritime law applied, the yacht owner could not recover for diminution of value.  In order to help facilitate a resolution to this complicated matter, we consulted with a prominent maritime attorney and researched prior case studies.  After much negotiation, our influence and close relationship with the carrier resulted in the yacht owner being paid $150,000.
  • We were successful in obtaining full coverage for a 6 month old Cadillac which was totaled in an at fault accident.  The insured did not advise of that he had purchased the vehicle or request it be added to his policy.  However, the client had been a loyal customer with three other vehicles on his policy.  We proceeded by proving this was an accidental lapse on behalf of the client and not an intentional decision to save premium.  The claim was paid in full.
  • A large marine contractor failed to advise us of an additional vessel that was purchased six months earlier.  The vessel was involved in a serious claim incident resulting in significant bodily injury and property damage.  Obviously, the insured never paid premium to insure this vessel.  However, after we skillfully explained the circumstances and advocated the insured’s loyalty to the carrier, the client was provided with defense and indemnification. 
  • We recently had a client who was sued / subrogated by an insurance company for a $400,000 claim.  The insurance carrier had paid to replace a diesel engine.  It was alleged that our client had sold the customer a defective product.  Defense and indemnification would typically be denied by the “damage to your products” exclusion contained in all general liability policies. In fact, the manufacturer of the product who was also named in the suit and insured with a different company and agent was denied coverage.  However, we had our clients insurance company include a special endorsement that we manuscripted.  Due to this special endorsement, and only due to this endorsement, the client was provided with defense and indemnification.  This saved the client significant attorney expenses.

At Christi, our commercial insurance experts have one main goal – to understand your business and the insurance risks associated with it. We don’t sell products, we sell solutions. Our team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs. We offer tailored, comprehensive and cost effective solutions to protect not only your business but your peace of mind.

You owe it to yourself to contact us today to arrange for an assessment of your commercial insurance coverage. We know that we can show you where gaps may exist – gaps that cannot be fixed after a claim has taken place.

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