Insurance PartnersFinding The Right Insurance Partner

At Christi, we know the value of the relationships that we forge with our clients. As professionals, we want to help our clients any way we can – it’s the principle that our industry was founded upon.

Sometimes, when dealing with unique or special needs, it is necessary to seek the help of another trusted advisor. That’s where The Christi Insurance Group can help you, help your clients. If your clients have marine insurance needs, you’ve found the right insurance partner with us. The fact that Christi Insurance is one of the largest marine insurance agencies in the country provides us with a significant advantage in servicing your clients.

As your insurance partner, we offer the advantage of having relationships with every carrier providing marine coverage. This will assure you that your client is being provided with the most comprehensive policy at the best rate. Unlike most agencies, we don’t stop with just providing your client with a policy. Should a loss arise, our team will stand right at your side to manage the claim and advocate your client’s position with the carrier. Our case studies (link to main marine page) will more than demonstrate the value of your relationship with The Christi Insurance Group as your brokerage partner.

Let our team of marine professionals assist you in providing your client with the right solutions and exceptional service.  Experience the "Christi Difference" with Christi as your brokerage partner.

  • Eric McDowell is a principal of The Christi Insurance Group and runs the Marine Insurance operations. He possesses both a master's degree in business administration and a USCG captain’s license, as well as twenty seven years experience specializing in marine insurance
    - Direct phone number: 609-391-6523
  • Greg Jones earned his USCG captain’s license at age sixteen and has twenty three years experience of providing marine insurance expertise
    – Direct phone number: 561-863-4401
  • Dan Pettit has fifteen years experience as crew aboard numerous boats fishing throughout the United States and worldwide. He has four years of offering professional marine insurance solutions. 
    – Direct phone number: 609-335-3552

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